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Thursday, April 06, 2006

A very significant chapter has ended

Yes. M! The Opera had its last curtain call on April 2nd, last Sunday.

I think every single one of us, if not all, members of the cast, either are or will be feeling the emptiness in our lives. Some will celebrate the emptiness, others might pine for the same rush, and a few might just feel, well... like nothing ever really mattered anyway.

Now it's back to life as we know it. Normal mundane life. But not that long for me. Thank God. Have agreed to do some retrospective shows with Six2Eight at the end of the month, so will be starting rehearsals tonight as a matter of fact. And I will be sitting in for as many Habeas Corpus rehearsals as possible, to help out and see the progress. It's a real pity I am not a part of this play. I know I will regret it immensely. But hey, I had to choose between M and this. Damn choices!!

Am not in the mood to say much here yet. Maybe next week. Still getting used to the sudden wave of free hours at my disposal. Still haven't got that haircut and that overdue massage. And still missing everyone, some more than others.

It's the week of recuperation.

Kenneth is excited. He seems to be planning stuff for us to do everyday. Poor fella. He finally has his wife back.

So waitlah. Maybe I'll babble more later.



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