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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Yup, so, about two weeks ago Fai and I made the spontaneous last minute decision to just do it and audition for Rockstar, the reality TV series where they look for a lead singer for a band. Yes the last one was a success where one of my fave bands, INXS, found their replacement for Michael Hutchence, although not quite, I mean, who could ever replace HIM, have you SEEN him in concert... droooool. Sigh. But J.D. is cool. I think he deserved it. Anyway, considering the fact that we were in the middle of our M! The Opera run (last few days) and did not have much of a social life or time for a quick laze in front of the idiot box, we found out about the auditions through Paula (Malai Ali). She was in M with us and since this was a joint thing with Channel V, she was hosting the auditions here. So that's how we got to know about it. Thanks for mentioning it Paula!

So ya, this time they were looking for a lead singer to join a totally new band called Supernova. With an ex guitarist from Guns & Roses (no it's not Slash), ex bassist from Metallica (can't remember their names) and the notorious Tommy Lee from Motley Crue, hell... saying this was a chance in a lifetime is an understatement.

The main reason I made sure I went for the audition was because of the simple fact that THEY WERE HAVING THE AUDITIONS HERE, IN KL, WHERE I LIVE, THE ONLY ASIAN STOP THIS YEAR. If I sat home that day and did not go, I would have labeled myself THE DUMBEST PERSON TO WALK THE FACE OF THE EARTH, and made sure I kept that title for at least two years running! Last year their Asian stop was Dubai. This year they chose KL because of the tremendous response they got from the votes and stuff during the last season.

On to my stressful run up of events to the day. Basically, we decided to do it on Thursday. Night. Called Kenneth from Istana Budaya and asked him to choose some songs for me to sing which he thought I would sound good on. Such an obedient husband. MUAH! Got the songs, downloaded the form, and in my case, got my guitarist (which was Fai aka Justin) in order on Friday morning... thanks a lot Fai, again, for doing this for me :) Also thanks to him and his extensive knowledge of the internet, the lyrics and choice of songs were easier to obtain and decide upon. We got to Istana Budaya at our usual call time, Justin brought his guitar and we jammed all the songs we kinda shorlisted. It was rather nerve wrecking to sing out in front of all the other cast members/makeup artists/hair stylists etc. because, and I think I have mentioned this somewhere before, I AM shy. But Justin forced me to just DO IT. So, after jamming the songs, we decided to do a medley of three of the so called best ones I sounded on, according to Justin: One by U2, Ode To My Family by The Cranberries and You live You Learn by Alanis Morisette. They asked us to prepare 3 songs anyway, so there.

We practised as much as we could before we had to prepare ourselves for the night's show and then we continued to practise after the show at almost midnight in one of the more secluded areas of IB, where I could actually sing in peace. After which we went for a quick mamak session at the Nikko Lotus where the rest of the cast were too.

Then I went home and tried to sleep.

So Saturday arrives. The task of finding what to wear was irritating enough. Couldn't find this particular blouse! Still can't find it! I just finally settled for my usual garb that I wear to almost all the rock concerts I have gone to (jeans, a leather or in this case, pvc jacket and boots, a choker and some bangles with gypsy earrings for accessories), and did the usual rock chick make up, ya' know, lined eyes, dark lips, hair left to fall freely. Auditions were from 10am to 4pm. We wanted to get there as early as possible so that we could finish this off and go straight to IB for our M show that night, gala night some more.

I pick up Fai and his precious Takamine from his house and head to Berjaya Times Square. As we approach the hall, we see la some other rockers. Not many. Very sparse actually. After a small scan of the area Justin spots someone he knows and I spot Wan or Ridz, depending which era you know him from. Well, Wan was from this group called The Lost Souls. They were around for a while in the mid 90's. He is a good singer, but somehow the band did not make it that big, no thanks to the lack of support in our local scene at that time. I say hi from afar, trying to fill in my stupid form which I forgot to fill the night before and keep a low profile. Shy maaa.

We then spot Paula and that DJ from Mixx FM, Non (is that how you spell it?). We say hi and yadayada and hang out with them until we are called to register. Mind you, during all this, Justin keeps going on about the fact that he thinks he should audition anyway, because, during the course of the last evening, he decided against it, claiming that he sounds too pop. So he did not prepare anything for himself. He was merely there to play for me. So he keeps asking should he audition and I keep saying if you really want to, then just freakin do it! So did Paula. But noooo... I register myself with Justin as accompanist. We were number 10 on the list. Not bad. While lining up to get our details keyed in, we met another auditionee. This girl, Joy. A Chindian from Klang. She looked like a rocker and furthermore, she came with her own electric guitar and portable amp. Bloody hell... ok... self esteem dropped about 5 notches. Not much there to begin with. But she was nice.

Then we had to pose for the press and some mags while waiting to be brought in to the main waiting area. As we were waiting... I spotted this moron whom I had the misprivilege of knowing some time back. This guy called Kris Law. Now some of you might have actually heard about or seen the 'fiery yellow shorts' stint on M'sian Idol. Two years ago. Well, this is the idiot. I think he is some deranged, disillusioned, self indulgent serial audition participant... I mean, come on, have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately??? The word 'Rock' and 'Star' don't really show up in ANY part of your ignorant pretentious personality or body. And he does these stupid things to attract attention. Like he was making faces, really stupid faces, in front of the camera when we were there. This is what you call REALLY doing it for all the wrong reasons... sigh. Someone send him to Pluto NOW!!

Anyway enough of that. So we wait our turn, warming up and going through my lyrics and singing softly with Justin. Talked to Wan for a bit too. That Joy woman is after us. Duh, yes I was keeping a tab on her. So my turn comes and we go in. We walk in and do the usual greeting.. hi yada yada whatever... the judge is this Michael Gollestani form Mark Burnett Productions, a skinny unshaven dude with a thick Americaaan accent. Duh. He is standing there with a digital video cam. So as I get my head in order Fai decides to relieve his itch on whether he should audition or not and asks this Mike fella whether he can audition after me. Naturally, he was told yes he can, but he would have to go back out, register and come right back in. So FINALLY I got to proceed with my audition first.

It's all a blur to me now. I can't remember whether I was asked what songs I had prepared. I had to introduce myself I think, to the camera. Then I began my first song, One by U2. I sing it, Fai is wonderful on guitar. Mike says oh that was great and do I have another song prepared. Now this could be good OR bad. Luckily I did... so I look at Justin and I decide on Alanis' You Live You Learn instead of the Cranberries song. I begin the song and fumble the stupid first line.. DAMNIT!!! So I ask whether I can begin again. I did. This time ok laaa... phew. I know I went a little flat on the higher parts of the song. Sigh. That guy says alright thank you great and then reminds Justin to go do what he has to and come back.

I go out of the room and Paula is there with her Channel V crew. Yikes. She asks me how was it and I say well, I dunno maaan.. wait and see la. Actually, I can't remember what I bloody said.

In the meantime, Justin has gone back out, gets his form and then I wait around for him to do his audition. In this time, that Joy woman has done her audition, is called back immediately and the camera crew is there interviewing her in all her glory. See... I knew I had to watch out for her. Sigh.

Fai goes in and sings... umm... that Every Morning song by whatsthatbandcalled? Then he is also asked to sing another song. This time he sings Matchbox 20's Push. He sounded good from outside. Then he is also told thank you yadayada... and comes out.

Of course he is also interviewed by the camera crew for a while. We leave almost straight after for coffee at Starbucks downstairs. While at coffee... before we could even FINISH the damn cups, He is called up again coz some newspapers wanna interview him. The Star to be exact. I'm like WHAAAT?? Ok. Cool. So this dude gets interviewed by Jason Cheah, this Star entertainment writer. It seems since Fai is a TV friendly face... they wanted to do a small feature on him, ya' know, being at the auditions an' all. Ya, ok. He does it, more photos are taken. My photo was also taken with him by HOT magazine (which is out now btw, with our pic in it, big one somemore), and then we go back to his place to have lunch and eventually then straight to IB.

We get home, I play some music, he plays foorball with his bro, then he gets a phone call again. This time it's from this Director of Operations at Channel V, saying he wants to meet Justin, like NOW if possible, coz he was told good things about him from one of the other big people at Channel V who met him earlier this morning... riiiiiggghhtt... WHAAAAAT?? Whathefak??? Ok. So Fai asks me to follow him down to Berjaya Times Square AGAIN. Twice in a day. Gosh. That's a first. Anyway I do coz we were still early for call time.

We get there. Parking is a chore since it was like 2freakingpm on a Saturday afternoon.. with morons from all four corners of KL, PJ, Klang and other Moronvilles with no lives congregating at this stupid mall with the biggest this and the biggest that (who cares), but with the smallest substance. The lift we take stops at EVERY floor. URGGHH.

His 'interview' lasts all but 10 minutes. This Jeff guy remembers Justin from his audition the last time. Gives him some pointers on not to be too fake. And tells him he will be called for another audition soon... for Channel V... the next VJ maybe.

By this time I have realised that Fai aka Justin here got the better end of the lollipop stick today... I was sucking on bland stuff... but I am of course happy for him. Coz that's what he wanted.

So.. basically, I did not get called back although according to Paula, I was considered... not good enough lor... Justin will be meeting with the Channel V people next week I think. And I will carry on juggling my passions.

Next will probably be One In A Million... like Fai says... for shits and giggles.



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