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Monday, May 08, 2006


Imagine waking up one morning. You go about your usual day, with the usual trepidation and anxiety. You go out into the fields to gather some food grains, because you have to, with your two year old strapped to your back. Suddenly you hear them. Soldiers? Yes. Guerilla fighters. The Opposition. You run. For your life. Run to get into what is left of your home. When suddenly you feel a rip behind you. You turn around and find they have ripped your child off. And they are beating it. Yes. They have thrown it to the ground and are beating the life out of it. The same child you had strapped to your back, you gave birth to, you fed, and you so-called protected.

This has happened. It is happening now. As I sit here.

In Darfur.

When we kill our children and torture our animals, we are naught.


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