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Monday, April 17, 2006

White Supremacist Trash

Think blonde blue-eyed innocent 13 year olds... NOT!! In fact they are anything but. They call themselves Prussian Blue, because it is a pretty colour and also because it is the remnants that is left after the gas Zyklon-B settles... the gas they used in the Holocaust.

Basically, these bitches are the offspring of April Gaede, a white racist writer or something (who cares) living in Bakersfield, California. Her twin daughters, Lamb and Lynx, are pretty little teenagers, and the latest folk sensation of the racist kind. One plays guitar, one violin. They sing about how the world would be a better place without 'muds', the coloured people. They sing about how the white people are oppressed, living in a world where coloured people are allowed to do what they want. They speak of Martin Luther King as someone who slept with white prostitutes. They, along with the other supremacists of the National Vanguard, claim that the Holocaust was a hoax. That it never happened. Worst of all, they are getting publicity.

Of German descent, these girls are being thought that the world they live in is supposed to be for the white people. Their stupid mother removed them from normal public school and is home schooling them, claiming the history books are teaching them wrong. She got hold of history books prior to the Human Rights Convention, before the 1950s... and is teaching them history from that era. They might even travel to Australia for a concert.

As they say Charity begins at home, so does Shit and Bullcrap. They grow in abundance here.

I don't really want to know where their father is. They apparently make good music. Now, I am totally appalled by the fact that they are using music to spread something as disgustingly tasteless as racism. Yes, faeces like this DO exist, in real time Nicole. So those burnt bodies of women and children... and mangled men which were found in the wonderful Nazi oppressed areas were what... umm, mannequins? Stuffed dummies? Giant dolls? WHAAAAT??? PLEASE FUCK OFF AND DIE!!

Please please please let them live in their bubble... and stay in their bubble of a so called perfect white world... please please please don't come out of it. I hope they never travel further than a 500 mile radius from where they live. Then they can live happily in their White World, and DIE THERE. The planet already has enough to deal with, what with religion being the main reason for war, poverty, suffering. And we have already had our fair share of genocide due to racism.

Frank Zappa once said, "There are more love songs than anything else. If songs could make you do something we'd all love one another". For the sake of the sane survival of a free and colourful mankind, I hope he is right in this instance.

Suddenly the colour white doesn't seem so pure anymore. Disgusting.

Someone give me a gun. Or some Zyklon-B.

*Grinding teeth*


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