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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

GET OFF my back!!

You see, in life you are stuck with the high possibility of having three kinds of people around you, the ones who GET it, the ones who JUST DON"T GET it, and the ones who COULDN'T CARE LESS.

Now between these three, ALL of them can prove to be toxic to your well being and survival as a sane human being.

The ones who GET it can annoy the hell out of you by being IN your face TELLING you time and again that they GET it, although they have told you that a freakin thousand times before. Just go gargle or something. PLEASE!

The ones who DON"T GET it can annoy the hell out of you by asking the same damn questions again and again as to why they ARE NOT GETTING it. Instead of moving on and asking questions on why they SHOULD have GOTTEN it by now. They should also ask the morons who GOT it (the get-its) so that they can go bother these idiots (the don't-get-its) instead of sticking their halitosis ridden symptoms in my face.

And the ones who couldn't give a freakin rat's ass (lucky rat though) just annoy the hell out of you by simply existing, and living and breathing the same air you do, when in actual fact they should be just buried alive, or better still, burnt alive... oh, but that would contribute to global warming, so no... buried alive better... and make way for more deserving creatures to inherit the earth. Maybe a tree might even grow from the spot they were buried at... until of course it's cut down, to make way for the next mall. Or the flyover to GET to the next mall.

Me? I'm just GETTING it all, which is too much of everything, that really amounts up to nothing in the end.


  • At 1:27 AM, Anonymous pukipantas said…

    Hi. I am a Melayu bitch of the highest degree. I now have a single white female who just simply licks and sucks the living out of the ground i walk on. I came across your blog, because i too belive that the art comes first, and just thot i'd drop a line and say.... " I FREAKIN' KNOW HOW YOU FEEEEEELLL!!!!"

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