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Friday, November 10, 2006

No use for lengthy explanations

It's just unfortunate. I can't post from the office because of some stupid firewall. I don't spend enough time at home long enough to be able to blog. I am either too tired when I do reach home, or I have other things to see to within the tiredness. And it's usually 12am by the time I do get home after completing an ordinary day.

So that's why this page, and my other page, has been dormant for these few months.

I had like about four or five topics to blog about, made mental notes, even knew what I was going to type... but all that has dissipated to mere fragments of jumbled up thoughts. I don't even remember where the hell to start. Or what those subjects were in the first place.

I guess I'll make this post about quick updates then, since, God knows when I will be actually posting again [*recites mantra* "Have to make it a point to blog, have to make it a point to blog"].

The KL Ensemble space had its first rental job about two weeks ago, and now it has its second one. The Ryzers, thanks to BB have booked our space for their dance lessons for all Tuesdays in November. Some minor income will be generated from that.

Yes we are still training three times a week. I must say the variations in training on all three days are tough, but exciting at the same time, mentally and physically. No productions lined up yet, only towards the first quater to the first half of next year probably.

Also, the first official Theatrical Biomechanics Course for KL Ensemble as a company, began in September. It will end at the end of this month. We had 5 candidates, but one dropped out. Assisting Chris in this course is definitely a good thing. He also makes me do more, allows me to instruct/teach more variations on how to feel the body, which in turn helps the candidates understand their bodies better when they apply biomechanics. I only have seven years of training under Mew Chang Tsing to thank for that. Must catch up with my first Si Fu. Wonder how she is...

Fancy Poultry had a wedding gig in August. It went ok, apart from one or two songs sounding like crap, the rest were ok, and Kay got quite a number of good comments from the guests and her relatives. So, PHEW! It was Fai's, Hazlin's and Kayli's debut with the group, so thy were pretty frazzled by the end of the months of rehearsing. But thank God for Fai. What a difference one guy made. Another PHEW!

Habeas Corpus in JB. Yes. The edition where I played Mrs. Wicksteed, the character Sabera played in the KL run. It was, well, totally unadulterated, daunting, groping fun! I wish I had a few shows to do, as opposed to just one. This was in August too, so you can imagine the mayhem it was to memorise lines, blocking, organising rehearsals between this AND the FP gig... geez. PHEW! Again.

Since then, it's been just training. With watching the latest plays or musicals, learning what to do and what NOT to do. Well, more the latter than the former.

FP have a confirmed gig on Christmas Eve. At Bangkok Jazz some more. I am surprised we even got the gig, given certain past experiences. James, ye old singing partner and friend, will be joining FP for this gig. I can't say much except that I am thrilled to be working with him again. They only needed four singers, and we will be backed by a jazz trio. So am looking forward to this.

My capoeira academy's Batizado, or festival will be happening on the 20th to the 26th of this month. I have to kind of get myself in order for this if I want to get corded (the term they use equivalent to the belt system in karate). We are given cords by the Masters, of course in various colour codings, IF we do well during the rodas. I doubt I'll get corded this year, still suck at certain techniques and timings. But will take part nevertheless. Check out for more details.

These are the updates The Juggler can think of for now. It's already 2.43am. I shall blog again briefly tomorrow, probably around the same time. Now I better say something on pawesome... ta!

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