Chronicles of The Juggler

Monday, April 21, 2008

Here I am. After a VERY, VERY, VERY long time. Blogging. It ain't easy. When you are OUT there. Doing it. In the action itself. That after you're done, you're just too damn tired, although you have the thoughts, the words, the feelings. Yes, it's the bad habit again.

Anyway, below is a post I just added on the Three blog. Though I'd put it up here too...

Ok. Back to life...


Hey all. It's the funny Monday. The one after a long run, and a long process, of creation, with a group of people. People whom, whether you like it or not, have somehow, become a part of your life. You had the love, the hate, the annoyance, the laughter, the tears... and whatever other emotions you could think of, that it's like family. Yup Nick, corny, and emo. But that IS the deal.

This is the Monday after.

It was a great party. You fellas who left early, ah, sit and wonder la what you all missed :P

I am just sitting here, in the office. Coping. I have been at this point so many times, having done so many shows. And it never has become easier.

You know it's the end. But at the same time, it's only the end if you allow it to be. Keeping the friends you found. That is the challenge. A hard one.

So. This is it.

Life finds a way. To weave the ones that matter (you guys know who you are, right?), into your own life. Of course, You yourself can help it, but there is also a higher being, an unseen force, at work, to help you weave them in.

Ok la enough. I think I have gone on too much. Just my random thoughts for today, the first day of the end.