Chronicles of The Juggler

Friday, May 12, 2006


Have been trying to get on this blog for four freakin days... Finally I am here and I don't know what the heck to write about.

Just finished tidying, sweeping, vacuuming and wet sweeping the room. I found another dog in there... as in, the fur collected was enough to make one small breed dog, say, a silky terrier maybe. Sneezed my nose away and scared Skeeter (the blur beagle). Tori (the mad golden retriever) just ran downstairs the minute I switched on the vacuum. She hates that thing. I think she thinks it's another animal.

Am actually not done. On a break now. Have to go back and vacuum the matress soon. Yes. This Vax vacuum cleaner, marketed as 'The Powerful DRY vacuum cleaner that WASHES', it says so on the box, cost us RM3800 (lucky can pay installments). It uses water instead of bags to trap the dirt and dust (environmentally friendly). It can do everything. I agreed to buy it because of that, if not I would have chased the sales guy out of the house and set Tori on him after I had a go. The day I saw what shit can be vacuumed out of the matress I sleep on every night (think ice blended frapuccino from Starbucks, only, it's floating in your vacuum cleaner and non-drinkable) was the day I said... yes, I am spending that money! Only thing is it's so damn irritating to assemble every time, with this tube going in here, this gadget in there, water up to a certain level or else the machine will blow up... Thank goodness Kenneth has a good technical memory. Not to say I don't, it's just that I am lazy. And besides, I AM the one cleaning the room, so might as well give him something to do aside from playing with his darn video games :P

Ok am finally done. Skeeter has given up on trying to sleep in the room, and Tori is still looking apprehensive. Kenneth is trying to get rid of me so that he can continue his game. Geez... the perils of having only one pc at home... oh why can't we have two... oh why oh why *holds hands up to heaven*.

Since tomorrow is Wesak Day... that means I CAN SLEEP! But not too long. Have to wake up and bathe the smelly dirty mischievous dogs. Then got some shopping to do for Mother's Day. Planning to give the Moms (Mommy, Mom-in-law and Aunty Gert) a breakfast, a foot spa and head massage. Then probably meeting up with BB. YES! The BEEBS IS BACK!!

Ok ok... Kenneth gave me the look again.

Ciao the mao!

Monday, May 08, 2006


Imagine waking up one morning. You go about your usual day, with the usual trepidation and anxiety. You go out into the fields to gather some food grains, because you have to, with your two year old strapped to your back. Suddenly you hear them. Soldiers? Yes. Guerilla fighters. The Opposition. You run. For your life. Run to get into what is left of your home. When suddenly you feel a rip behind you. You turn around and find they have ripped your child off. And they are beating it. Yes. They have thrown it to the ground and are beating the life out of it. The same child you had strapped to your back, you gave birth to, you fed, and you so-called protected.

This has happened. It is happening now. As I sit here.

In Darfur.

When we kill our children and torture our animals, we are naught.